Non-rated players on ADML2 rosters

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Crawford, JP JED ss 21
Newcomb, Sean CAL sp 23
Devers, Rafael SEA 3b 20
Meadows, Austin SEA of 21
McKinney, Billy TAL of 22
Powell, Boog TAL of 23
Adames, Willy ALB ss 19
Jimenez, Eloy BEA of 20
Robles, Victor BEA of 19
Rodgers, Brendan CAL ss 20
Harvey, Hunter GBG sp 22
Rosario, Amed JED ss 21
Barreto, Franklin LES ss 20
Brinson, Lewis LGE cf 22
Nottingham, Jacob LGE c 21
Senzel, Nick RCR 3b 21
Albies, Ozhaino GBG ss 19
Frazier, Clint OLH of 22
Kopech, Michael TBD sp 20
Happ, Ian SMP 2b 20
Allard, Kolby RCR sp 19
Espinoza, Anderson HOB sp 18
Bellinger, Cody PCP 1b 21
Martes, Francis PCP sp 21
Mateo, Jorge TBD 2b 21
Zimmer, Bradley KEL cf 24
Honeywell, Brent LES sp 21
Tucker, Kyle SMP of 20
Lewis, Kyle MGM of 21
Hader, Josh KEL sp 22
Tellez, Rowdy OLH 1b 21
Jimenez, Joe GCG sp 22
Enns, Dietrich HIL sp 25
Bader, Harrison HIL sp 22
Mejia, Francisco ALB c 21
Newman, Kevin AGH ss 23
Demeritte, Travis MGM 2b 22
Smith, Dominic AGH 1b 21
O'Neill, Tyler GCG of 21
Alvarez, Yadier WES sp 20
Phillips, Brett WES of 22
Verdugo, Alex NAP of 21
Garrett, Amir NAP sp 24